Saturday, 1 February 2014

What is Biafra?


Was Biafra Ojukwu's formulation?

NO, Biafra (Biafara) has been in existence before the creation (without consensus) of Nigeria. Please check the 1662 map below.

The word "Biafara" stands for "Come and join". It is mostly occupied by the present day "South-Eastern" Nigeria, "South South" and some parts of southern Cameroon. Reading a closer meaning into the name explains the dominant behavior or character of the Biafran people explaining why they got such name naturally.

A true Biafran person is known for his hospitality and forgiveness. Some people say they are "ala wu otu" meaning "land is the same" kind of people. This goes deeper to explain why the Biafrans still went back to the Northern part of Nigeria after the civil war despite the fact they are being killed on daily basis for who they are and how successfully and religious they are. Let us not forget that the mass execution of the Biafrans in that part of the country was what led to the civil war in the first place. The same trend is repeating itself unreported or rather inappropriately reported. The media in Nigeria is a mess and controlled by politicians and the government.

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