Friday, 7 February 2014

Confusion in Osun; Baptist High School.


Baptist High School, Osun.
Since Monday, 3rd February, pupils of the Baptist High School, Iwa Osun state has created drama of various kinds. The most visible of the confusion is wearing of the hijab by the muslim pupils and choir robes by the christian pupils, in place of the normal school uniform. The recent classification policy by the state governor has been reported to be the root cause of this confusion. It is indeed funny to see such scene.

Going by the name of the school, one can easily infere that it was originally a christian dominated school. That notwithstanding, school uniform should be school uniform, nothing more nothing less. A lot of people that I have talked to on this issue said that the whole scenario is part of a bigger agenda; islamization of Nigeria. The truth is that it is impossible to see christians enroll in an islamic school in Nigeria. What's your take on this?

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