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I WAS KIDNAPPED BY MASSOB - Nnamdi Kanu's Account.


By Nnamdi Kanu (RBL)

I was kidnapped by Uwazuruike on the 19th of December 2009. Uchenna Madu who is MASSOB (Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State Of Biafra) Director for Information led the kidnap party. They were told they were going for a rally but instead chose to come an kidnap me. Now I will outline again the reason for the kidnap so you and your co ignorant fools will know. Uwazuruike your master came to see me in London in the summer of 2009 and asked me to print Biafran Passport for sale. I told him no. I introduced him to Coleman Asomba in South Africa to coordinate our agitation but when he Uwazuruike got there they concentrated on printing passports. 

I also agreed with your master Uwazuruike that we should return to the ways of our ancestors which is rulership by an Elders Council which he agreed in London but did not implement when he got home. I am giving you instances so you will ask him if you can find him.

Uwazuruike rejected the involvement of Igbo intelligensia and failed to allow consultation to happen between us and Igbo elders. I received information through a source at Aso Rock that your master sold out the struggle to Nigerian Government and the deal was brokered by Senator Chukwumerije. 

I called Uwazuruike to tell him the information I received and he denied it. I travelled to Owerri with two of my members to confront him with the evidence we had. We went to his Works Layout palace where he agreed to meet us but he wasn't there. Before travelling to Owerri I addressed Massob members in Lagos where I made it clear to them that fraud will not be tolerated in the struggle.

Uwazuruike having realized what I knew refused to see us. After visiting PH to see Massob members I returned to London. People started calling Radio Biafra to enquire if the new Biafran passport was a legal tender as BBC Africa had carried the news. I gave them an honest opinion that Biafran Passport printed could not get them into the mythical 99 countries that recognized MASSOB. 

The criminal elements among you started calling me to threaten me and you wrote a letter to my father saying you had authority from Nigeria to declare me wanted. I have the letter. I ignored you and came home where you hired 10 buses led by Uchenna Madu to come and kidnap me. Yes you tore my clothes, spat at me, even had a mock trial to ascertain the whereabout of the Biafran Army that was then camped at Abakpa. 

You tortured me to force me to reveal who was sponsoring Radio Biafra and I told you that I used my savings to fund it which was the simple truth. During my captivity at Okwe, you told me how you kidnap people in Igboland. You mentioned a few prominent names I will mention in my book. You hungry ferrals stole my clothes, wrist watch and money. Some of you spat at me, some poured urine on me. You fooled them into believing I was a traitor to cover the fact that you people are the traitors. 

You tried to humiliate me in the hope that I will be silenced forever but you failed. In your stupidly you made a video tape of the whole torture and kidnapping in the hope of using it to blackmail me into silence. You threatened to release the video if I criticized MASSOB criminal activities again. Little did you know the video was the proof the world needed to confirm that MASSOB was a full time crime empire. You see how daft you people are, I knew you will come up with this which confirms in your own words that you kidnapped me then later Pascal Okorie and also Benjamin Onwuka. 

When MASSOB released me from Okwe, I took a taxi to Umuahia and was receiving attention at Ojukwu Bunker Guest House when SSS men came and arrested me. I never went to the police because I knew that as a freedom fighter, I cannot go to my enemies for help. I have rules I abide by. Nothing will make me ever go to Nigeria Police for help. It was Uwazuruike himself that told SSS that Nnamdi Kanu of Radio Biafra he kidnapped had been released and if they wanted to question me.

I was arrested yet again by armed men of Nigeria SSS. When I got to their headquarters at Ojike Street Umuahia the SSS Director's phone rang. To my astonishment it was Uwazuruike inquiring if the information he gave them was correct. I was amazed when this Hausa man looked at me and said I was wasting my time fighting for Biafra. He showed me his phone and there Uwazuruike's number was. I kept asking myself what type of freedom fighter would be so friendly with his oppressor. It was at that point I realized that Uwazuruike was working for Nigeria all along. 

So in conclusion, I did not call the police and will never call the police for a fellow Biafran not even if they come to kill me. Go and do your research. You have the video of my kidnap and ordeal, I challenge you to release it. That way we know we know who is lying. The worst mistake MASSOB made was to let me leave Okwe torture chamber alive. If they had the intention of continuing in their criminality they should have killed me. Biafra is the only reason why I live that was something none of you knew. You have sowed the wind now you will reap the whirlwind.

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