Friday, 31 January 2014

Why we need Biafra now or Never.


The reason why Biafrans all over the world should take back their country.

Biafra again? Why now? These and many more has been the questions of many observers. The major reason why Biafra should be restored now is that history is repeating itself again. The killing of Biafrans living in the Northern part of Nigeria which has continued unreported has escalated. The worst part of it is that the bodies are never released to the family members for the fear of reprisal attacks. If you check back on the cause of the events that led to the civil war (1967-1970), you will agree with me that history is about to repeat itself.

The Stage is set.

The present political situation in Nigeria warrants that the country review its arrangement on carrying on. But the fact that the entity called Nigeria has legally seized to exist cannot be overemphasized. The amalgamation (100 years experiment) to form Nigeria ended January 1, 2014. We cannot dispute this fact. Is it because it was for 100 years? What if it was 10 years? Will the people of Nigeria have quickly forgotten?

The Biafrans in diaspora has risen.

Some Biafrans is diaspora has woken up the reality of the imminent restoration of the Sovereign State of Biafra. In a manner that has never been seen before, Biafrans all over the world are meeting in cell groups of various sizes under the auspices of radio Biafra London. This particular campaign garnered quite a substantial amount of momentum towards the end of 2013 when a radio transmitter that worth more than £80,000 was purchased with the money contributed by thousands of Biafrans worldwide (especially those living in Malaysia) exempting those in Africa. Those were the Biafrans who the opportunity to listen to the internet radio at that time. The idea buying the radio transmitter and sending it to Biafraland was contributed over the radio by one Chika Ekeh; a Biafran man who resides in Germany at that time. The purpose was for the Biafrans to be able to tell their own story by themselves and not the foreign media who often have little or no clue. It help in sensitising the Biafrans about their threatened identity and tell them who they are and where they come from. To be continued ...

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