Thursday, 1 December 2016

[VIDEO] Tumult at Abuja court: Biafrans raging in anger, The Zoo will burn

Watch video below:

It is not enough to detain Nnamdi Kanu. The Zoo will pay heavily for it and carcasses must surely be laid to rest.

Tumult at Abuja as Biafrans at the federal high court Abuja today 1st December 2016. Biafrans reacted over the bail denial of our leader Nnamdi Kanu, shouting on top of their voices that "Biafra must go, Nnamdi Kanu must be #released". Wow, the resoluteness is astounding and they are formidable even when the whole surroundings was filled with zoo DSS and police yet they no send baboons talk less of monkeys. Biafrans #rocks. It is Biafra or Death. The elders in Biafra should better understand this clearly.

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