Monday, 26 May 2014

How To Face or Point Towards Biafra Land.


With regards to the upcoming event; #30THMAY2014 remembrance day for the Biafran Fallen Heroes, Heroines and starved children, we have been searching for a convenient mobile App to assist our people face towards Biafraland. Considering the significance of this singular act, we have tested different Apps on the Android market.

After a careful review of the capabilities of the Apps, we came up with an Android App called "Pointer". The best feature is that if can work offline i.e. without internet connection. Unfortunately, it is difficult to install this directly via your mobile phone, you have to install it via your computer.

To install it via your computer, you need an internet connection. Login to your google account on Android market at and go to this LINK, find your phone on the drop-down list (Make your phone is connected on the same network, to make it faster) and click install. That is it, check your phone and see that the App is installed. See the images below so that you can recognise the App when you see it. It is possible that they will have the App in other brands of mobile phone e.g. Windows phone, Blackberry and so on.

How to Use it.

  • Open the App and select "Options" from your phone.
  • Touch on "Points".
  • Touch on "Add Location Manually".
  • World map will appear with a search box, enter Enugu in the search box and hit "Search".
  • Enugu, Nigeria will show up, hit that one, and the pointer rotates towards Enugu; the capital of Biafra.
  • Do all that you can to make the #30THMAY a success. If we all face towards Enugu on that day, something will happen, believe it.


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