Monday, 10 February 2014

Why 2014 is Pivotal in the March Towards the Restoration of Biafra.


I have placed it on record that our quest is not just to see the re-emergence of Biafra but to precipitate the end of that name Nigeria. Anything short of the destruction of the satanic entity-the zoo called Nigeria will not be acceptable.

Those that starved and killed our children and mothers in their millions must be hunted down and killed. 2014 is the year predicted many millennia ago that will herald the rising of the Sun dripping with blood.

This year a rare event seldom recorded in humanity will happen with devastating precision. The full moon in April and October on a specific date to be announced on Radio Biafra will see the moon turn to red not once but twice. This year the spirit and memory of all those murdered by Nigerians will be honoured, remembered and atoned for. 2014 will mark the beginning of the end of the zoo and things will happen that will shock the world into realising that this generation of Biafrans prefer death to slavery. 

They will kill us no doubt but we will lay waste their lands and inheritance. We shall kill them in untold numbers so that the name Biafra will be forever feared. 1967-70 is not 2013-15, fear is not an option. 
The mercy and blessing of Chukwu Abiama is with us and so is the spirit of the millions brutally massacred by the force of darkness.

This year we shall call down the blessing of the most high through a series of mythical, sacred and ancient ceremonies that will purify the land before we meet our enemies in battle. The moon will turn bloody this year and so will the zoo called Nigeria.

Go and prepare, steel yourself for what is to come because this is the year of reckoning. Many will die but out of misery hope will arise in the land of the rising sun.

Hold me against these words. If Nigeria does not start burning this year I will commit suicide in public.

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