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Britain To Apologise To Nigeria?


A civil society organisation known as Gatestone Institute (GI) based in New York, United States, has called on Britain to apologise to Nigeria because “the problems and tensions in northern Nigeria are direct results of left-overs by the British colonial government.”

A representative of GI, Mr. Alan Craig, made the suggestion on Saturday in Abuja, during a workshop for leaders of ethnic minorities in the North. The workshop was jointly organised by Minority Interests Rights Project (MIRP) and Stefanos Foundation (Nigeria).

At the event, the Coordinator of MIRP, Mr. Mark Lipido, raised the alarm that 75 per cent of indigenes of Southern Borno had fled to Cameroon following the recent attack on them by the Boko Haram Islamic sect.

Craig told journalists after the event that Britain had no choice than to apologise to Nigerians following the sad fallouts of colonialism.

He said, “This type of grassroots work is significant for the people in the villages and we hope to help the local people to have a voice. We want to support ordinary people to have a voice and we are always on the side of the minorities.

“The problems of northern Nigeria are direct results of left-over by the British Government (colonial) and therefore the tension and difficulties in northern Nigeria are direct result of the British Government (colonial). Therefore, my argument now is that the British Government should be rectifying the situation and contributing instead of telling the Nigerian Government about the gay right law, for instance.

“It should be saying that ‘we are sorry for the legacy we left and other things we did’; there are other good things the then British colonial government did too. So, don’t condemn it all but that particular aspect was wrong and was a mistake; so the British Government should be rectifying it.”

Meanwhile, Lipido also expressed reservation over the 20 slots given to the ethnic minorities in the National Conference, being packaged by the Federal Government.

He said, “The security situation in northern Nigeria is bad enough; we have found out that the minorities in southern Borno at the moment are within the Republic of Cameroon and nobody seems to have said anything about them, particularly in Gwoza Local Government Area.

“The recent attack in Konduga is there widely. We heard a report from the people in Konduga when they were running four days ago; they said they did not know whether they will survive. At the end of the day,  75 per cent of the whole community has been burned down and over 50 people were killed.”

Analysis: How many countries will the British apologise to? Why not apologise to the Biafrans, for joining hands with the Nigerian government to kill more than 3.5 million Biafrans (1967 - 1970). Biafrans are still suffering the impact of the genocide until this day. To Mr. Craig, are you afraid of saying the truth? Why say "and other things we did"? What are the "other things"? Funny man! The world is forming a deaf ear to the true picture of the crisis in the Borno South. The so called Christian countries or Churches could not protect their own being wiped out. What a hypocrisy? Even to be their mouth piece, no way. Only pray pray till thy kingdom come... 

The Boko Haram Islamic group are not expecting any retaliation of-course, so they are bent on wiping out every other religion and installing Islam across the country.

The above lacked clarity as it failed to mention that the people being massacred in South Borno are mainly Christians and some migrants from the South East (Igbos who still live there).

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