Thursday, 12 January 2017

Nyako: moving the court date will not save Buhari and cohorts


Justice Binta Nyako has pushed the court date yet again to 9th and 10th of February. The later being the date for ... just to keep Kanu and co. in prison for another 30 days. They are treating this case as if it has not even started while it is almost done because they have nothing to hold against Nnamdi Kanu.

Can someone please reach out to this Buhari-selected judge to tell her this:

How far? Justice Binta Nyanko, are you now wishy-washy or are you standing firm as a judge? Have you seen that our leader Nnamdi Kanu and his group has no spot in them, that they are whiter than white and whiter than snow? That is why they ahead of you and your grandmaster BUHARI and also the Zoo called Nigeria. Or do you still have any other option to hold our God's sent leader Nnamdi Kanu? I want you to know that it is either Biafra or consequences will follow, period.

It is no longer business as usual as many Nigerians will always think "Give them money now and they will go and sit down", "They are fraudsters", "Biafrats" and all sorts of bad name-calling. Biafra is risen and nothing til infinitum shall ever stand in her way. Restoration is in full force.

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