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Buhari has planned to deploy only Igbo soldiers in ijaw to create enmity among Biafrans.


By Onyekachi Ugwu

Many political and social commentators in the Old Eastern Region of Nigeria have described the move by the present All Progressive Congress led Government to deploy majority of Igbo Soldiers to combat the uprising of militant in Niger Delta region as a trick to further divide the region and create enmity between the two major clan; Igbo and Ijaw whose relationship was injured during the civil war but healed by Goodluck Jonathan.

While speaking with EASTERN RADIO on the recent incident which took place at a command under 82nd Division of the Nigerian Army in Enugu, an elders states man and Honorable member in the House of Representative during the Second Republic who pleaded unanimity told our news crew that divid and rule has been an old philosophy handed to the North by the Britain and it has been working for them.

He further stated that the brutal incident should be enough an eye-opener to every Igbo and Ijaw man on the kind of war games the North and West are playing with the people from the Old Eastern Region. "The lives of those gallant soldiers that where lost in the uproar is regrettable but i see it as a collateral damage necessary for all of us to have an idea of the latest game plans being deployed by the North to remotely control us here".

" It is saddening to know that Buhari-led government which should have continued with the legacy of unity and economic explosion left behind by his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan have chosen to impose on us a script written in the North, characterized by division, subjugation, derivation, Islamization and economic terrorism". " The APC led government are failing in their constitutional duty to ameliorate the suffering of a common man rather they have succeeded in further dividing the country along ethnic line". Their body language shows things will get worse in the nearest future" he added.

Also in a telephone interview, an Ijaw Man; Comrade Baratuipre Godspower told EASTERN RADIO that Nigeria is already experiencing great difficulties in its combat with freedom fighters in the river-line areas – the creeks (the place Nigeria calls Niger Delta). "Our offence is that we now demand to be free from the suffocating presence of Nigerian occupation forces in our land". "We are no longer in the business of militancy, we are now Biafra freedom fighters, but Nigeria government still label us militants", he said.

"Buhari, APC and their Western allies are experiencing difficulties in controlling Niger Delta area of Biafra Land. We are very much aware of their plans to mare our good relationship with our brothers (The Igbos). They feel threatened and think the efficient way is to deepen its divide-and-rule; a strategy is to create enmity between us by deploying only Igbo soldiers to our communities for us to fight each other", he continued.

Opinions collected in the social media by our Reporters is no different with the above analysis. Some are of the view that Buhari led government hope to use it as a Technic to dilute the ongoing agitation for Biafra within the region. Research have shown the Igbos and the Ijaws have combined forces in the quest to restore the Republic of Biafra. That Nigerian government are not happy with.

They believed that Biafrans fighting against Nigerian forces in the creeks were only Ijaws and so they needed to pitch the Igbo against them. Put in a different way, they were playing at setting Igbo-speaking Biafrans to fight against Ijaw-speaking Biafrans. This was what triggered off the reported shooting in Enugu among Nigerian Army personnel.

One of the 54, saddened by the development had sought to know the criteria used in throwing-up only Igbo-speaking Biafrans for the assignment. One of the commanders picked offense and demanded to know where he got the cheek from to ask such a question when given a military order. In rising anger, he pulled out his gun and shot the young soldier on the forehead, killing him on the spot. Another soldier who is among the enlisted soldiers could not contain himself; he pulled his own gun out and took down the commander, killing him on the spot too. Then directed the gun on the second commander before the GOC saved the day curtailing further deterioration of the situation.

The message to all Biafrans today is that they must do everything humanly possible to resist attempts by Nigeria to push them against themselves. Both in the military in the barrack and at the war front. Biafrans must conduct themselves in full understanding of the evil in Nigeria.

If Nigeria must fight any Biafran group, either in a media war or in a shooting war, Biafrans must be wise enough not to allow themselves to be used. If Nigeria wants a shooting war in its attempt to resolve a problem, which could easily be resolved through peaceful means, they should do so without involving Biafrans.

Biafrans must be wiser today, and stand together.

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