Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Biafrans are the same people: Akwa Ocha


written by Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo

This is a picture of three Igbo women. Look at one of them holding the Akwa Ocha (that white patterned cloth worn during occasion in igboland)

In the olden days, it was owned by titled and prestigious men and women. My father had one.

Akwa Ocha is originally made at Akwaete. Akwaete is in Abia State. Three Igbo women and details of their attire including nja anklets and odu ivory bangles, akwa ocha (‘white fabric’) cloth, and a plaid-like cloth known today as George all made primarily in the Igbo speaking town known as Akwaete.

The above Photo is taken by missionary G. T. Basden in the early 20th century in an Igbo speaking area now known as Anambra State, Nigeria. The three women were likely engaged [and well off]. Those who are trying to re wrote history by saying Akwa Ocha is an exclusive preserve of certain people which makes them unique are liars from the pit of hell.

Part of our problem is lack of exposure. Not exposure on salad and chicken or how many oyibo you interact with but exposure on the things about your community. If you try and study your people, nobody can come and confuse you about your odinani.

I have just been blocked by a liar who was on his wall telling people that Akwa Ocha is the exclusive preserve of the Aniomas. This is another attempt to make it look like Anioma is different. Please go tell your lies to novices and those who do not understand their odinani and omenani. Ndi mmuo!!

Photo credit Nigerian Nostalgia Project

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