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Uwazuruike and Cohorts moves to Destroy the Biafra Memorial Cenotaph.


On air at 7:00am (Wednesday, June 4, 2014), on Radio Biafra Special live edition, Ralph Uwazuruike (MASSOB) in connection with Ohaneze and Nigerian government was alleged to have planned an attack on the cenotaph this morning.

The cenotaph which the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra  has built at Hill Top, Ngwo area of Enugu in remembrance of 3.5 million Biafra Fallen Heroes, Heroines and starved-to-death Children.

Nnamdi Kanu; the Director of Radio Biafra announced this morning having got a tip-off of the move from an insider in MASSOB. He said that this is no joke and that they are waiting for them to show up now. He also said that the second phase of the struggle has commenced immediately. The Nigerian government using MASSOB may be ready to pull the trigger because they love sucking blood. Biafrans in diaspora calling in during the broadcast has confirmed readiness to defend their land.


NEWS UPDATE 6th June, 2014.

A group of men from MASSOB in collaboration with the Nigerian police finally attacked the Cenotaph today breaking the wing of the eagle.

According to Nnamdi Kanu:
"BIAFRA WAR MEMORIAL DESECRATED BY UWAZURUIKE IN COLLABORATION WITH NIGERIA POLICE: Just coming in from the site of Biafra Memorial housing our cenotaph in remembrance of our dead heroes and murdered children where Uwazuruike's thugs in Massob in collaboration with the Nigerian Police attended today in my absence to attack and damage the Eagle the centerpiece of the structure. The cowards struck at exactly 3.30 pm when Osita and Chuka came off the site to go and acquire materials for workers who are still working on finishing the work on the monument. By the time we received the news and went back to the site the cowards had fled. I am awaiting confirmation of the name of the MASSOB coward that led Nigerian Policemen and kidnappers to our sacred monument. Whoever Uwazuruike sent is a dead man walking we are looking for them. MASSOB is an organ of Nigerian Government working to frustrate genuine efforts to restore Biafra. We have reinforced our defences and will be waiting for them when next they come. We were waiting for them! Two days ago they came but could not attack because our men were on ground. Today the cowards came with cover from Nigeria Police, the same police that has been killing them. We are waiting for them next time, work resumes tomorrow morning on the site and I will as always be there."

NEWS UPDATE 8th June, 2014.

On the morning broadcast today, the Director: Nnamdi Kanu confirmed that the Cenotaph; Biafra Monument has been completely defaced by thugs and the Nigerian police. They were paid and misinformed by Ralph Uwazuruike. This Cenotaph is the only thing the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra had ever collectively built in remembrance of the fallen heroes.

Why would the Nigerian police destroy something that has not caused any obstruction to anybody? Indeed Nigeria is trying very hard to hide from its past.

NEWS UPDATE 13th June, 2014.

On the evening broadcast today, the Director of radio Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu confirmed that the Cenotaph has been completely destroyed despite efforts to rebuild it. The destruction was allegedly carried out by Ralp Uwazuruike's men in collaboration with the Nigerian police.
Nnamdi stated that the line has been crossed after giving them the benefit of doubt to see if they will come to their senses. "The culprits will get what they are looking for", he vehemently emphasized. "They shall pay for it". You can recall that the first attacked was launched about a week ago and continued since then.


Uwazuruike and cohorts could be testing the resolve of the Indigenous Peoples Of Biafra worldwide. We cannot say what will befall him and his cohorts. The Cenotaph does not block anyone's view, why would anyone destroy it. They must pay for it in one way or the other. I think the hoodlums are blood-thirsty, maybe now of their own.

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