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We attacked Enugu government house - Biafran Zionist Federation (BZF).


THE attack on Enugu Government House last Saturday has taken a new dimension as another secessionist group, the Biafran Zionist Federation (BZF), on Wednesday, claimed responsibility for the invasion, giving the Nigerian state a deadline of March 31 to quit Enugu and other Biafran territories or face bloody attacks.

The group told selected journalists in Enugu that it captured the Government House for four hours before retreating, adding that it was not overpowered..

Leader of the group, Benjamin Onwuka, who announced the deadline, said he personally led the operation to the Government House to recapture it for Biafra, with a view to keeping hope alive for the republic.

Onwuka explained that they chose to invade Enugu Government House because it was the centre of power for Biafra.

He said they did not attack Government House, but only recaptured it and hoisted the Biafran flag, which had never rested in the place since January 12, 1970 when the Nigeria/Biafra civil war ended, until last Saturday.

Onwuka, a United Kingdom trained lawyer, said BZF men captured the Government House for four hours and they were engaged in a battle by the Nigerian forces, which forced them to retreat to avoid loss of lives.
"What we did on March 8 was to reconfirm the independence of the Republic of Biafra, which we successfully did. We did not attack the Government House. Rather, we captured it back for the Biafran people. We captured it for four hours and then there was a battle between Biafrans and Nigerians. By 7.a.m., we retreated because we didn't have any weapons in our hands. We were avoiding loss of lives.
"The reason we did it was to show the Biafran people that the hope of Biafra is still alive. Nothing can quench the aspiration of the Biafran people to be independent. And that independence has been resurrected. The Biafran flag was hoisted at Government House on March 8, 2014 and I, Benjamin Igwe Onwuka, led the operation. It wasn't an armed attack on the Government House. It wasn't kidnappers as the police have said. It was the Biafran people," he said.
Contrary to claims by the police that the invaders came with machetes and cutlasses, Onwuka said they retreated after holding sway for four hours because they were not armed.
He explained that the hoisting of the Biafran flag at the Government House was the symbol of the resurrection of Biafra.
Onwuka said his group wished to let the Biafran people and the entire world know that Biafra had been resurrected and no force of arm would hinder the aspiration for its independence.
"By March 31, Nigeria must vacate Biafra. Failure to do so, there is going to be bloodbath because this time round, we are going to be armed and prepared. What is happening in Ukraine, Crimea and Syria is going to be a child's play if they fail to leave Biafra by March 31, 2014.

"The Biafran people have had enough. The killings of our people on a daily basis, both in the North and here on Biafran soil is no longer acceptable to us. Our people are being killed on a daily basis. It is a promise to Biafran people that the killing must stop and it will stop. Biafra has risen. I am calling our people to support the quest for Biafra independence. The territories include: Benue, Kogi, Delta, Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross River, Akwa Ibom, Ebonyi, Anambra, Enugu, Imo, Abia and Southern Ondo" Onwuka said.
He described what happened on March 8 as victory for the Biafran people, assuring that Israel and other world powers would come to the aid of Biafra.

He pointed out that the scenario now would be quite different from what happened in 1967, adding that Biafrans are going to fight their cause, on both military and diplomatic angles.


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