Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pilgrimage To Igbo Landing St. Simon Island Georgia, USA.


Wriiten by Nnamdi Kanu

Every person born Igbo or of Biafran extraction must endeavour to visit this hallowed stretch of Creek Point in Savannah St. Simon Island Georgia USA at least once in their lifetime. I performed this pilgrimage to honour the foremost freedom fighters mankind has ever known. On this far away land in USA Biafrans became the first people on earth to sacrifice their life rather than be slave to white Europeans in America. Their defiance is a testament to who we are as a people and is the singular incident that shaped my consciousness as a 17 year old when I was acquainted with Alex Hailey's master class ROOTS. After reading this book I vowed to visit the spot where these heroes of freedom fighting met their death in stoic defence of the honour and dignity of mankind. I have honoured them as I vowed I would many years ago with prayers on the spot where they died. The sanctification ritual was also performed which enabled me to begin the process of returning their spirit back to Biafraland from whence they came. Their spirit is with us and what they started on the creeks of Georgia delta we must surely accomplish on the battlefield of Hausa/Fulani and Yoruba lands. This year we remember all of them, all those that died that we may live. 30 May 2014 is the date. That day the world will hear about us.

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