Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Best Collection of Tweets by the Indigenous People of Biafra via Radio Biafra London.


Twitter helps you share ideas and information instantly, without barriers. Below lies the finest collection of millions if not billions of tweets constantly sent to prominent people across the world, by the indigenous people of Biafra(IPOB) via Radio Biafra London(RBL) as part of their media campaign to restore the sovereign state of Biafra.

If you are a Biafran, login to your Twitter account or create a new one and start tweeting right now and constantly from now on. Copy and Paste and Tweet. Continue non-stop. If you get to the end, start afresh. You have about 120 tweets or more daily limit. When you are prevented from tweeting as a result of this limitation, create a new account or wait until the next few hours to continue. If you are suspended, do not worry, you can create a new account or report to Twitter with this LINK. Tell them that "I will not do it again". NOTE:- In most cases, you are suspended because of over-following. ADVICE: Do not follow many people without many people following you, all in a short time. That way, you will avoid suspension.

What are @ and # ? They are the most important elements of tweeting. The @ symbol is used to refer to the person that will receive your tweet e.g @BarackObama. The # symbol is called a hashtag which is the topic or keyword that you are tweeting about e.g #Biafrans. Now you know, make your own tweets.

The great tweets listed below will be constantly updated and reshuffled. You can translate them to any language that you wish to tweet in. Please leave a comment below with your own Tweet-suggestion and it will be included in the list and tagged with your name as the contributor if you so desire. Thanks and remain blessed.

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